Thermo Boiler MT 361 Wood Burning Firebox

Thermo Boiler MT 361 Wood Burning Firebox

Mt 361 sizes

Thermo Boiler MT 361 Wood Burning Firebox

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EUR 3499 EUR 2100 τιμή ανα εστία

A typical installation, a firebox with optional surround ( for illustration purposes only ).

Efficiency and versatility. The range of MT Thermo boiler fireboxes is a shining example of Piazzetta's years of experience and constant technological research. The versions may have different shapes but they all come with certain features in common, such as their robustness and high efficiency given by the new boiler with a high heat exchange. They may be installed with closed or open expansion tank for maximum adaptability of installation.


New construction concept.

The high gauge steel used for the boiler ensures reliability and a long life, which are two musts for Piazzetta products. The particular construction prevents the build-up of tar (which is a residual combustion product that reduces heat transfer to the water) and makes periodic cleaning easier.


Perfectly calibrated primary airflow.

The cast iron fire pit has been designed so that the primary warm air enters and combustion is carried out in two stages, fully exploiting the fuel and reducing emissions into the atmosphere.


Maximum installation flexibility.

The range of Thermo boiler fireboxes has been designed for installation with either open or closed expansion tank, depending on the type of heating system.

  • Rated Heat Output 26kW
  • Heat Output to Water 18 kW
  • Heat Output to Room 8kW
  • 79.5W X 171H X 65.5D CM
  • FLUE DIA 25 CM