IP 11 M

Technical data
IP 11 M
Energy efficiency classA+
Rated output4,6 - 11 kW
Efficiency87,3 - 87,7 %
Heatable volume185 - 315 m³
Pellet consumption1 - 2,6 kg/h
Tank capacity22 kg
Ø Flue outlet8 cm

Product weight: 160 kg

Product measures (LxPxH): Vedi la scheda del prodotto


IP 11 M

Pellet-burning firebox mounted on rails. Applicable for first time installations or installed into an existing structures. Remote control with LCD display and with the Multicomfort function, digital command panel.

Piazzetta's IP 11 M is a pellet-burning fireboxe mounted on rails for an easy extractable loading system, which eliminates any necessity for add-on loading applications and internal inspections.

The efficiency of pellets

Performance and savings, the optimum solution for bringing warmth to the home.

Ducting with the Multifuoco® System

The Multifuoco System® allows you to maintain an even room temperature, thanks to natural convection currents. It avoids the layering of heat near the ceiling and ensures heat at floor level (our feet). Via a simple ducting system, consisting of small-diameter, flexible pipes, you can also heat other rooms in the house, even on different floors.

Sliding rails

Piazzetta inserts are equipped with sliding rails which make them easy to extract. They guarantee maximum ease when loading pellets into the tank and during maintenance.

High load capacity

The following elements are available for longer working autonomy: upper tray filling kit that avoids having to switch off and extract the insert, and a supplementary tank kit for extended operating autonomy.

Main features

Remote control LCD
Ceramic glass
Top flue outlet
APP WI-FI bluetooth
Ash box
Multifuoco ducting
Cast iron firebox
Steel brazer