MA 285 D/S SL

MA 285 D/S SL

MA 285 D/S SL

MA 285 D/S SL

MA 285 D/S SL

Technical data
MA 285 S SLMA 285 D SL
Energy efficiency classAA
Rated output12,5 kW12,5 kW
Efficiency72.5 %72.5 %
Heatable volume210 - 360 m³210 - 360 m³
Wood consumption4.1 kg/h4.1 kg/h
Ø Flue outlet20 cm20 cm

Product weight: 185 kg

Product measures (LxPxH): Vedi la scheda del prodotto


MA 285 D/S SL

One-piece Firebox, Vertically-sliding Door, MA 285 D/S SL PLUS with Natural Convection for Wood Fireboxes

The MA 285 D/S SL by Piazzetta is the One-piece Firebox with Vertically-sliding Door and Natural Convection for Wood Fireboxes that will ensure you low consumption, high efficiency and easy installation. Find out further information.

The pleasure of wood

Tradition and innovation to enjoy classic wood fire.

Structural sturdiness

The sturdiness of Piazzetta appliances is the result of enormous experience and ongoing research. The structural sturdiness, resulting from careful design and top quality, high-thickness steel, ensures long service life of each solution. The products are developed as well as tested in Piazzetta laboratories to check production processes and compliance with international standards.

Aluker®, exclusive ceramic material by Piazzetta.

Piazzetta fireboxes are made with Aluker®, the exclusive ceramic material patented by Piazzetta, which improves combustion and heat diffusion, thereby increasing the operating efficiency of the firebox. The light colour of this material remains like that over time, making the view of the fire even more pleasant and always brilliant and alive.

Practical brazier

Thanks to its particular development, the brazier in Piazzetta fireboxes offers an ample capacity and ease in loading wood. This means easier use, significant combustion quality and an unparalleled view of the fire. Collecting the embers is also highly practical. The ample dimensions also allows the view of the fire to be enhanced to the maximum by offering a wide perspective.

Main Features

  • Steel
  • Cast iron brazier and aluker firebox
  • Rise n'fall door
  • Ash box
  • Manual damper flue


  • External air kit
  • Adjustable feet
  • Levelling feet
  • Log retainer
  • Vacuum