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Ειδική Προσφορά:

EUR 1636 EUR 1145 σόμπα

Wood-burning stove
Cladding: enamelled steel
Top: cast iron

Dimensions (WxDxH) cm: 47 x 41 x 90
Cladding: enamelled steel
Top: cast iron
Stove interior: steel
Primary and secondary air: adjustable
Firebox and baffle plate: cast iron
Fire pit: cast iron
Heating: natural convection and radiant heat
Flue outlet cm ø: 12
Ash drawer: removable
Door: cast iron with automatic lock
Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750° C self-cleaning
Door handle: chrome with spring knob
Stainless steel oven (WxDxH) cm:
Room heating capacity (min-max) m3: 110 - 190
Fresh air intake (min useful sect.) cm2: 100
Thermal efficiency %: 81,0
Nominal thermal output kW: 6,6
Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h: 1,9
Total weight Kg: 96