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PROMAFOUR® The complete system for your fireplace

Safety, comfort, design, high performance insulation

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The complete system for the fireplace

Safety, comfort, design

An interior without compromises

Using PROMAFOUR®, you can insulate and finish your fireplace or stove the way you want, without compromising on safety, comfort and design.

  • The flexible PROMAFOUR® system is suitable for all types of fireplaces and stoves and ensures unwanted heat loss

In addition, PROMAFOUR® is quick and easy to install with common tools, so you do not need to buy special materials.

Thanks to more than 50 years of experience

PROMAFOUR® was developed by Promat, the global leader and pioneer in the field of high temperature insulation and passive fire protection. PROMAFOUR® is the result of our many years of experience, innovation and know-how and is a sure choice for safer and more modern fireplaces and stoves.


The PROMAFOUR® system is non-flammable and can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C continuously. In addition, the construction panels do not contain adhesives that will deform or emit an irritating odor when heated.

Sustainable design and comfort

By using the PROMAFOUR® system, you reduce the risk of cracks, tiny stretch marks or deformations to a minimum. PROMAFOUR® distributes heat evenly throughout your living room, even after the fireplace is switched off, thus preventing unwanted heat loss through the floor or walls.

Quick and easy installation

The construction and insulation panels of the PROMAFOUR® system can be easily cut with traditional carpentry tools and fastened with standard screws, fasteners and PROMAFOUR® glue. In addition, you do not need to plaster the construction panels before painting them. Quickly and easily, so you do not waste time.

Solid construction, smooth finish

A frame or flat screen over a fireplace or stove looks modern and stylish. Thanks to the PROMAFOUR® system construction panels, you can securely attach heavy objects to thin 12, 15 or 18 mm walls.

Daliko keeps the following Promat products in stock. The rest we can provide to you upon request.


Promafour 400 construction panels 

Dimensions:        2500mm X 125mm X12mm


Promaglaf HTK 1100 . Insulating glass-cotton blankets 

Dimensions:        14640mm X 610mm


Promasil 1000 thermal insulation panels 

Dimensions:        1000mm* X 500mm X 30



Promafour Glue 1000 (Item 7 on the illustration) Glue with resistance to high temperatures.

Packaging: Cartridges of 310 ml.


Promafour -HT Jointfiller grout 

Packaging:       Bucket 1.5kg