Gravel stabilizer

Gravel stabilizer
Gravel stabilizer
Gravel stabilizer
Gravel stabilizer
  • The honeycomb structure gives consistency and prevents the dispersion of gravel, allowing the smooth movement of pedestrians and wheelers.
  • The excellent drainage capacity along the entire cellular surface contributes to the creation of a porous surface. The coating with nidagravel is completely flat even on slopes of up to 15%.
  • The lower part of the cellular surface is bordered by a special geotextile sheet which, in addition to its drainage capacity and stabilization of the material, prevents the formation of unwanted weeds and roots.
  • The honeycomb sheets are extremely light and malleable, allowing the coating of any soil forms (small slopes and irregularities). They are practically invisible to the ground because they are completely covered by the filler (gravel).
  • Easy installation and processing: No specialized staff or tools required.
  • Nidagravel is environmentally friendly, fully recyclable.

Gravel stabilizer


Special cellular mesh that keeps the pebbles on the floor firm and solid. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces puddles and stagnant water.

Typical applications

Car parking, light traffic roads, garden paths, sports fields, cemeteries, Roof gardens, house entrance corridors, etc.

Technical Specifications
Nida Table