DRC roof window
DRC roof window

DRC roof window

DRC roof windows provide safe and easy exit to the roof. Ideal for installation in residential and commercial buildings where access to the roof is required.

Installation can be just as easily done on roofs with simple sealing, or with bitumen or planted roofs. The use of a special handle and simple operating method allows the opening frame to be opened 80 degrees. Pneumatic springs facilitate the opening of the frame, hold it in the opening position and protect it from accidental closing. In addition, the exit window incorporates increased functional safety thanks to a special non-slip coating on its outer surface.

The window frame is made of a polythalamic PVC profile filled with thermal insulation material. In the DRC-type exit window, the top opening frame has an innovative glazing unit of high energy efficiency Class P2 with a thermal transmittance of the window Uw=0.93 W/m2 K (EN 1873:2014). In addition, the DRC window has an external polycarbonate canopy transparent or milky for more protection.

The windows can also be installed with the additional 15cm high XRD base, in case of a planted roof or roof with a high insulation thickness.

The windows can be installed on surfaces with slopes between 2 and 15 degrees. The structure of the windows allows easy installation of internal and external accessories. The use of external shading accessories protects the space from overheating, while internal accessories provide protection from strong sunlight and enhance the interior decoration.

Dimensions 90×90 |90×120 |100×100|120×120