Window - Balcony FGH-V Galeria
Window - Balcony FGH-V Galeria

Window - Balcony FGH-V Galeria

An innovative, large roof window in which the opening leaves create a balcony. The top sash opens upwards, the bottom sash opens outwards allowing easy access to the balcony created.

Dimensions: 78×255 - 94×255

The top sash is supported by an innovative mechanism which supports the sash when open in any position from 0° -45°.

The window is operated by the handle located at the bottom of the opening sash and is equipped with two microventilation positions at the closing point.

Easy cleaning of the external glazing and with the help of the mechanism that holds the opening leaf when it is rotated 180°.

Automatic ventilation door V40P.

Both leaves of the window are equipped with a P2 glazing unit.

High quality spruce timber, anti-stick and vacuum impregnated.

The wooden profiles are painted with two coats of ecological acrylic varnish in natural colour. - TopSafe system with increased resistance to burglary.

Large variety of accessories.

Fitting on roofs with a pitch of 35° -55°.